Saturday, February 2, 2013

U.S. Symbols: Wikis, and Glogs, and QR codes, oh my!

Last year, my class had a blast using QR codes to research U.S. Symbols. After about a week of research and taking notes, we then published our learning in power points and ebooks.

Here's the link to the QR codes for research. Help yourself! (They're $1.99 on my TPT store, but for my blog viewers... FREE!)

I also have a lot of other resources listed on my wiki:

Included on my wiki is a Glog about U.S. Symbols:

Here's a link to the power point template we used with the kids for publishing: Click HERE to view it on my TPT store.
I then uploaded their presentations to and then grabbed the embed code to compile them in our class wiki.

We also published using our ipads with apps like Book Creator, and My Story.
For more ebook publishing ideas view my previous post about CREATE APPS.

Like the Glog??? Join Glogster by clicking on the image below! Glogster EDU

To learn how to make your own spreadsheet with QR codes, visit Tammy Worcester's website.

Click here to visit my TPT store to get a power point to use when teaching about U.S. Symbols.

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  1. I have updated my U.S. Symbols research QR code packet. It's very visually appealing!! Check it out:


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