Sunday, February 24, 2013

Educreations in Action

My first graders used the free app educreations to show their thinking and explain how they solved a math story problem. We had a Skype conversation with a second grade class at our school. The second graders challenged us with 4 stations: a skip counting repeatedly game, a clock race game, and multi-step story problems.

Here is my student Mikayla's accurate explanation of the first step of the story problem:

Mason used a part-part-whole mat to help him solve the same story problem.

Grace had the correct answer and process, but she made a couple of mistakes in her work and explanation. ;)

I was impressed and proud of their thinking! These were solved without my help, aside from slight technological assistance if needed. ;)

I HIGHLY recommend educreations! It's worth a lot, but it's FREE! ;)

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