Monday, February 18, 2013

Professional Development via YouTube

While the kids were sleeping in and watching T.V. in their pajamas, our staff was at school on this President's Day. Call me lame, but I love these P.D. days. We, the teachers, principals, specialists, etc., get to come together as a staff and a family of people who understand each other! We get to share and learn new ideas. It's uplifting and rejuvenating. I also enjoy the time to get some work done without the stress of being prepared to teach. ;)
Today, there were 3 different presentations, and all were beneficial, and all presenters used the aid of YouTube to convey their message.
This video was used to add humor to teach us that we have to make our kids problem solvers. We cannot give them the facts, because the facts are free: knowledge is all around us. We have to challenge them to think. That's our current job as teachers in an ever-changing career.

Along the same lines is the following video of a young man who dropped out of school, because he says his "schooling was interring with his education."

I have saved the best for last. This video was very powerful, and you could hear the sounds of crying throughout the room as our staff watched. Get your kleenex ready, and be prepared to be grateful for your very worst day, because many people's best days are harder than our worst days. A powerful story about a very compassionate teacher.

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