Monday, June 24, 2013

iste iPad session notes: 10 iPad Projects Your Students Will Love

I'm enjoying my first experience at iste.
Jessica and Holly gave a great presentation about projects to easily integrate into any curriculum using various apps on the iPad.

PDF of the presentation: 

Below are my notes from the session:

The goal is to use higher level thinking skills: evaluate and create.

Basic skills your students need to know about the iPad:

Spotlight search- push home button and swipe backwards to get the search box, or hit the home button twice

Adding images to camera roll- take pics, screenshot with two buttons, or save to camera roll from Internet 
Google image search- advanced search- free images to add to iPad without infringing on copyright

Taking videos - hold the iPad horizontally

Action button - sending or pushing the product to share it  (box with arrow)

Turning in assignments: 
Dongle - plug it into your MacBook or other Mac and treat it like a flash drive
Cloud: Dropbox, skydive, Evernote, skitch
Email- create a class account and sign in to all iPads to use for turning in work. 
Edmodo. (Our teacher websites)
Showbie app- teacher create an account and u give a code to your students and organize in folders and then share with the class

*Apps gone free- a free app for finding quality free apps
App stalker stalks an app and alerts you when it's free

1.  Build Vocabulary:

Skitch- take a pic, annotate or type on the picture
Fraction walk- take pics and show fractions, etc
Label pics from the Internet and then label diagrams

2.  Send postcards:  
turbocollage lite
Pull images to put on the front of the postcard
Posting added text and drawing and name
Physically mail the card for a fee or email to parents for free
Redstamp- use a pic. Add text

3.  Movie making:
Sticky board and graffito lite for story boarding and planning their story
Grafio- great for diagramming or graphic organizers. Free for limited quantity
Popplet lite for mapping

Sock puppet, toontastic, puppet pals hd- animation
Sock puppet paid has easier sharing options 
Toontastic- free version has limited settings 
Puppet pals- paid directors cut version allows you to cut out a pic of a person or student and put them in the animation

Stopmotion apps
Show learning with these apps. Take pics of phases in a cycle and take pics of each 

Cute cut- free iMovie type app

iMovie  $4.99
Once you have made short animations or short videos or collages etc, you can compile them into one big video or longer products or stories

4.  Interactive whiteboard: 
Educreations, doodle cast, show me
Easy sharing for explaining math or learning

5.  Become a Thread Head: 
Voice thread
Take a video or image and get student imput or comments or feedback from others you invite
Free has limited quantities at a time
Also on Internet 

6.  Write and illustrate:
Outline- notebook or binder like one note
Drawing pad
Strip designer
Comic life
Scribble press- create books, needs an account, no longer free,  can order a Print copy of the book
Little story maker- narrate over the text
Book creator

7.  Witness and report
Evernote for taking notes while other student plays the game
Any game app- ie pocket BMX - free. Instant replay so they can watch the events again
Partner up- one person plays the game and another student dictates notes of the events like a news reporter

8.  Talking museum:!

30 second recording from!
Audio Box
Dropvox- $2.99. Syncs with Dropbox, audio recorder, get URL code,  make QR code to post next to their work - display for open house
Use with an immigration doll project:

You can also use...
Qr - free, gives u a URL code to attach to a QR code

9.  Connect to your community: 

FaceTime - virtual field trip with community helpers, with students who have moved, subs, 
Digital wish- you post a wish for a community helper or a career you would like to connect with 
Signup genius - organize signups with volunteers or community members
Skype - communicate with others anywhere in the world

10.  Socialize:
Edmodo, twitter, blogger

Their presentation was a great introduction to many of the very best student-friendly apps.  Check them out... thanks ladies!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Great Tech Quote

"The point is simple. Teachers need to be able to understand how to embed technology into what they do. But you can’t do this unless you’re already a good teacher. The technological side of it only comes into to play if you already knew how to balance pedagogical knowledge with content (subject) knowledge. Only then can you understand how best to integrate an iPad into a classroom."

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How are you using technology?

How are you using technology?  Is it used to enhance student learning, show student learning, or perhaps practice learned skills?  Are students creating?  problem solving?  teaching? with technology tools?  This video should make all of us think about how we are using technology in the classroom.