Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Teaching with Style - WBT

I have been researching and testing out some Whole Brain Teaching strategies this past year, and it has been awesome!!!!  The kids are SO engaged, and they are practicing vocabulary words more than ever!  I highly suggest and encourage you to look into it and consider whether or not some of it it might work well for you.

In a nutshell, WBT is an interactive teaching style.  It's very engaging, and involves a lot of student verbalization and practice of content and vocab. as they are learning.  Students won't be asleep or checked out with this teaching style!  They are moving their hands and bodies, and talking a lot!

I have to admit that it takes some energy and enthusiasm, but when you're doing it, the kids are having fun and they're eyes are glued to you, so it's also exciting and rewarding.

Seeing is believing… I have added some videos that really impressed me of WBT in action to our first grade wiki.

There are also so many free resources on Pinterest and TpT.  Some are also linked  to the wiki page.

Just wanted to share this with you, because I have had some success with it.  It really cuts down on behavior problems when the kids are having fun and taking an active role in lessons.  
I've posted about WBT before including an awesome video.  Check that post out HERE.

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