Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FREE Meet the Teacher Night Gift Tags

I made these cute gift tags for my son's kindergarten teacher, but I think they'd make GREAT team gifts for your coworkers! There are many different colors. They're in a PDF, so when you're printing, select the option to print multiple per page so they print small enough to serve as gift tags.

Stop by my TpT store to download them for FREE!

You can make your own foot scrub for the gift, or purchase a small gift from Bath and Body Works.  I'm planning to use it something like these ideas...

...but you can use the gift tags however you want!  


  1. Adorable!! Are they editable? Our meet the teacher is during the day so I wanted to change "tonight" to "today".

  2. I have edited them and posted another set for you with the word "today" vs. "tonight." Hope that helps! :)


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