Friday, July 26, 2013

20+ Science & Social Studies Apps for Kids

I recently taught a training about the first grade science and social studies curriculum in our district.  It forced me to really focus on those subjects that are often pushed to the bottom of the priority list after reading, writing, and math.  I decided to put some time into gathering some app recommendations for K-2 science and social studies.  I admit that there are a few that aren't specifically made for science or social studies, but they're SUCH great apps that they can be used across all subjects and grades!

Hope you find some apps that will work for your class!

Most of these apps are FREE... at least for now!  The apps that aren't free are marked with their current price.

1.  What's that, Little Sherlock? - Notice details on objects & good observations.

2.  Discover USA - Learn about our country's landforms and US symbols in 10 different states.

3.  Seasons and Weather - seasons and weather changes
Identify various weather situations in different seasons, and learn about appropriate clothing and activities.

4.  Bill Nye the Science Guy - I'm a longtime fan!  Visit Bill Nye's lab, play games, watch video clips, and try science experiments.

5. Go Nini - Make healthy food choices & learn about the importance of active play.

6. Shout Science! - A comic storybook app for young readers about scientists & scientific discovery. It consists of three narrative biographies that take place during the Scientific Revolution in Europe.

7. Fotobabble - Take a picture of anything, such as an animal or a historical figure and add animation & voice recording.

8.  Animoto Video Maker - make a slideshow of your pictures from a nature walk, etc.

9.  Dentist Office - Act like the dentist and clean the children's teeth.

10.  The Four Seasons - Raise awareness about our natural resources through an animated and interactive children's storybook.  Great for Earth Day!

11.  Google Earth - An essential tool in education!  Take virtual field trips, visit the locations of animals, landforms, landmarks, etc.

12.  Recycle Hero for Kids - Learn about recycling and taking care of our environment by playing this adventure game.

13.  Haiku Deck - Haiku Deck is the simple and fun new way to create stunning presentations – whether you’re teaching a lesson or explaining what you've learned.

14.  Educreations - An essential app!  This app gets my top choice for elementary students.
Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking.

15.  Tellagami -  (rhymes with origami) is a quick and easy way to create and share a short story called a Gami.  Create an avatar, add your voice and animations, and talk about something you've learned.

16.  Skitch - Add labels to images to create diagrams.

18.  Barefoot World Atlas - $4.99  (I caught it when it was free.)

20.  Count Your PeasThink about what you eat and food choices. Make art while you learn about food! 

21.  Geo Walk (3D world fact book) - 2.99

22.  A Heart Pumping Adventure (storybook on the circulatory system) – 2.99

23.  Scan - Free and easy to use scanner for QR codes.  Create research projects or scavenger hunts for your students to learn about animals, the human body, etc.  Check out my example of using QR codes in with animal research HERE.  Or Texas & U.S. symbols research HERE.

24.  American History Time Line - $0.99  

Check out another list of science apps created by a homeschooling mom.  :)

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National Geographic has many more apps for kids.  Check them out.

PBS Kids has MANY apps; some of which are free.  The Sid the Science Kid series is one of my favs for my kiddos!  Check out the list of all their apps HERE.

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