Tuesday, May 7, 2013

R10 Tech Conference Notes

I spent today at the Region 10 Tech. Conference.
I am so excited about some of the apps I learned about!  Some were new to me, and some were just good reminders, or good examples of how to integrate them.  So many of them can be implemented right away!

Below are my notes.  I am confident that you can find at least one thing you can use.

Apps to try:

Path On -$1.99 pic app for shape writing  

Pimp my app - free – draw on maps

Aurasma - free – augmented reality app – make images come to life

Layar  - free– bring an image to life with animation and audio

iPads in daily 5:
Slideshow presentation of 5 apps for each part of Daily 5: http://www.haikudeck.com/p/yhOVSXqxnJ

Haiku deck- free app. Like power point but visually better. Thousands of common pics already in the app. The graphing features are very cool. You can make infograpahics. Saves online for easy sharing
Can be used for presentations vs. power point.   (The Daily 5 presentation listed above is created with Haiku deck.)

Ebook creating:

Use arkive.com for images and videos to put in ebooks. Also, use discovery images.

Story creator- free app. add video with audio and images and text

Use skitch (free app) to add diagraming labels etc to edd to an image

Flipsnack (website) – Allows you to turn PDF files into interactive books.  You can take comic strip images from iPads and compile them on the computer and read it like a comic book.  

Tellagami. Free app.  Your avatar tells the story you record.  Choose your avatar and edit. Select the emotion of the character. Convey the emotions in body language. Can put all tellagamis in iMovie to string them together to make a slideshow similar to a movie. 

Matt Gomez is a kindergarten teacher, who impressed me with all the ways he integrates technology!
For his handouts and examples of his students’ work go here: Bit.ly/10fTgut

Here are the apps Matt shared with us:

Felt board 2.99. Virtual felt board.  
Use felt board with educreations to add audio and write on it. 
Make a scene with characters. Then write a story and print the picture. 

Educreations. Use with story problems. Email lessons to parents. 
Anchor their thinking digitally. 
Retell a story by finding the image of the characters online. 
 Create an adorable picture of each student and then import into educreations and record an adorable message about how they love their parents. 

Take a pic of a student's story or journal entry. Have them record themselves reading it. Touch word by word.  Great for parent conferences.   Do this throughout the year to show reading and writing growth.

Skitch app. Free.  Add text to any image. 
Can blur faces via skitch for privacy when sharing online.

Doodlecast pro.  It's like explain everything but simpler. 
Records drawings. Save the video to the iPad camera roll
Idea... show monthly recordings of students reading throughout the year 

Toontastic. Free   
Toontube like YouTube but for the toontastic videos. 
Very thoughtful process that led up to the creations. Mapping web diagramming. Brainstorming. Process not product focus

Popplet. $4.99. Lite version lets you create for free. 
Mind mapping app or web mapping.
Kid friendly for independent use.
Teacher puts pictures on the camera roll. Students can go find the images needed 
Integration idea is a web map with with the definition of insects and they choose the images from the camera roll that relate to the center text. 

Storybuddy2.  4.99
Simple, kid friendly book creator

Explain everything.  2.99
More complicated to start with. Many options. Add pictures and video. Can write on top of the video.   
Idea for book topic:  How are you going to take care of the earth? for earth day. 

Sling note.  Great for researching.  Grab content. 2.99


Green screen-
Free app- videofx live 
Need very bright lighting for green screening. Not too light for reflections and shadows
Edit the recording Live, and you can record your video.
Can use green butcher paper, cloth, or tablecloth as a cheap greenscreen backdrop

iMovie on the MacBook lets u do “greenscreening”

Photoshop touch. edit screen images. Search: Pstouch. $9.99

Kid in story $6.99 – take a picture of a student, and put them in a story.

Spreadsheet of ideas for tech integration...

Great websites:

Edcanvas- creatbstep by step guides or lessons online. Include videos images educreations. 
Creates a link and qr code for easy sharing.

Infuselearning.com – similar to socrative
Turns your ipads/ipods into Mobile clickers
BUT, this one allows students to draw their answers!
It’s free and it allows you to make free quizzes and view student work
It reads the quizzes out loud in multiple languages!!

Google docs requires a google Id to collaborate but...
Primary pad is free. Create account to protect and make your rooms private. 
Join and you can chat/edit a word document. 
Cool tool for meetings or team planning. 

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