Sunday, May 26, 2013

My End of Year To Do List

This time of year, the days start to blur together as they fly past me.  There are so many things to get done before the last day of school that I sometimes find my chest tightening as it's harder to breathe!  The way I calm myself down about all the things to get done, is by making to do lists.  If I have it all written down and prioritized, I can stop holding it in my head.

Here's my end of year to do list:

-EOY slide show of pictures for my class and the school - FRIDAY
-EOY SS test - finish, share, print, and give - FRIDAY
-Math DA - complete and submit scantrons - WEDNESDAY
-Thank you gifts for parent volunteers - THURSDAY
-Thank you gift for high school volunteer student - FRIDAY
-Meet with my team about the campus improvement plan - BEFORE FRIDAY
-Sub plans for Friday's team leader meeting
-Complete last newsletter - FRIDAY
-Complete EOY DR's & compile data in spreadsheet
-Gather EOY writing samples
-Complete report cards - June 3
-EOY teacher gifts for my team - note cards and gift tag - DONE!
-EOY gifts for my students - DONE!
-EOY gifts for my son's teachers - DONE!
-Portfolio progress monitoring for 2nd grade: istation, math DA
-Cumulative folders -add report cards and istation summary reports
-Pack up classroom
-Gather materials for summer tutoring and kinder prep for my son
-Check out my MacBook and iPad for summer use  (flip cam too?!)
-Turn in all library books
-Turn in all literacy library books
-Turn in all textbooks (wrap guided reading books so they don't get separated)
-Education Technology Profile Survey & Google form

ALL DUE DATES = JUNE 7 unless otherwise noted


  1. Your list looks as overwhelming as mine! I spent most of yesterday afternoon and this morning working on my slide show (I'm using Animoto) and gathering writing samples to bind into a book. I really dislike the end of the year!
    Still Teaching After All These Years

  2. I'm using Animoto for our slideshow, too. At least Animoto is about as easy as slideshow making can be, so that's a good thing. Yep, the end of the year is crazy, crazy. Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to visit your blog now. :)


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