Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Skype Workout with Kids Fitness Expert

Today, my first graders enjoyed a Skype meeting with kids fitness expert, Steve Ettinger.

My class is excited to meet Steve!

Steve read his book to us!  It's an adorable story about a lazy dog named Wallie who needs to learn how to exercise.  It's very well written for young children with a catchy rhyme and rhythm.  Check out Wallie Exercises

 Steve talked to the kids about why we need to exercise.  Then, Steve led us in some exercises.   The kids had a blast!

This was a great indoor way to get my kids active, thinking about exercise, and entertained by a quality read aloud, all while using technology to community!  I highly recommend Wallie Exercises, and a Skype conversation or an in person meeting with Steve!

Follow Steve on Twitter by clicking here.


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  2. nice way of study
    on todays era all kids know about web and how to use it and they are very interested on it

    and study and exercise through sky and video confersing make it more interesting and it gives good result

    you have explain with steve in nice way here is more weight loss tips for kids


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