Sunday, March 1, 2015

Something Needs to Change

I recently came across this blog post via Facebook and I guess it struck a nerve.  Take a look and see if it also resonates with you.

Seriously.  This is so accurate and it really is a problem. It makes our days stressful to live this way. Less stressed out teachers can focus better on what they're teaching and therefore students will, in general, learn better!  In other professions outside of teaching, you get an hour usually right?  And you can go out to eat?  Even on the company dime, right!?  Something needs to be changed to allow teachers some basic freedoms like bathroom breaks, a true lunch hour, and real team planning time. And don't get me started on all of the work we have to do that won't fit within the contract hours and then subtracts from our family time.  I'll make the claim that for every 30 min. of teaching, there's 30 min of work to be done outside of the work day. From planning to emails to newsletters and meetings. Progress monitoring, parent conferences, grading and analyzing assessment data. Gathering materials and putting away. Copies. Sorting and filing. Trainings. Now, the time spent with our kids is clouded with the stress of the other things we have to do. It's really not fair to the students or teachers. 

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