Monday, June 24, 2013

iste iPad session notes: 10 iPad Projects Your Students Will Love

I'm enjoying my first experience at iste.
Jessica and Holly gave a great presentation about projects to easily integrate into any curriculum using various apps on the iPad.

PDF of the presentation: 

Below are my notes from the session:

The goal is to use higher level thinking skills: evaluate and create.

Basic skills your students need to know about the iPad:

Spotlight search- push home button and swipe backwards to get the search box, or hit the home button twice

Adding images to camera roll- take pics, screenshot with two buttons, or save to camera roll from Internet 
Google image search- advanced search- free images to add to iPad without infringing on copyright

Taking videos - hold the iPad horizontally

Action button - sending or pushing the product to share it  (box with arrow)

Turning in assignments: 
Dongle - plug it into your MacBook or other Mac and treat it like a flash drive
Cloud: Dropbox, skydive, Evernote, skitch
Email- create a class account and sign in to all iPads to use for turning in work. 
Edmodo. (Our teacher websites)
Showbie app- teacher create an account and u give a code to your students and organize in folders and then share with the class

*Apps gone free- a free app for finding quality free apps
App stalker stalks an app and alerts you when it's free

1.  Build Vocabulary:

Skitch- take a pic, annotate or type on the picture
Fraction walk- take pics and show fractions, etc
Label pics from the Internet and then label diagrams

2.  Send postcards:  
turbocollage lite
Pull images to put on the front of the postcard
Posting added text and drawing and name
Physically mail the card for a fee or email to parents for free
Redstamp- use a pic. Add text

3.  Movie making:
Sticky board and graffito lite for story boarding and planning their story
Grafio- great for diagramming or graphic organizers. Free for limited quantity
Popplet lite for mapping

Sock puppet, toontastic, puppet pals hd- animation
Sock puppet paid has easier sharing options 
Toontastic- free version has limited settings 
Puppet pals- paid directors cut version allows you to cut out a pic of a person or student and put them in the animation

Stopmotion apps
Show learning with these apps. Take pics of phases in a cycle and take pics of each 

Cute cut- free iMovie type app

iMovie  $4.99
Once you have made short animations or short videos or collages etc, you can compile them into one big video or longer products or stories

4.  Interactive whiteboard: 
Educreations, doodle cast, show me
Easy sharing for explaining math or learning

5.  Become a Thread Head: 
Voice thread
Take a video or image and get student imput or comments or feedback from others you invite
Free has limited quantities at a time
Also on Internet 

6.  Write and illustrate:
Outline- notebook or binder like one note
Drawing pad
Strip designer
Comic life
Scribble press- create books, needs an account, no longer free,  can order a Print copy of the book
Little story maker- narrate over the text
Book creator

7.  Witness and report
Evernote for taking notes while other student plays the game
Any game app- ie pocket BMX - free. Instant replay so they can watch the events again
Partner up- one person plays the game and another student dictates notes of the events like a news reporter

8.  Talking museum:!

30 second recording from!
Audio Box
Dropvox- $2.99. Syncs with Dropbox, audio recorder, get URL code,  make QR code to post next to their work - display for open house
Use with an immigration doll project:

You can also use...
Qr - free, gives u a URL code to attach to a QR code

9.  Connect to your community: 

FaceTime - virtual field trip with community helpers, with students who have moved, subs, 
Digital wish- you post a wish for a community helper or a career you would like to connect with 
Signup genius - organize signups with volunteers or community members
Skype - communicate with others anywhere in the world

10.  Socialize:
Edmodo, twitter, blogger

Their presentation was a great introduction to many of the very best student-friendly apps.  Check them out... thanks ladies!

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