Thursday, November 22, 2012

The End of Molasses Classes

I LOVE Ron Clark. He inspires me constantly! I love his confidence and enthusiasm. He makes me want to have MORE FUN while teaching!
I have read the Essential 55 years ago, and I enjoyed the movie starring Matthew Perry. (Great casting choice!) I believe in the Essential 55 as the tried and true, "old-school" way to expect students to behave. I wish all adults in children's lives would expect that kind of respect out of the future adults of our world. The best experience with Ron Clark is easily when I got to see him speak in person! Every year our district has a large gathering of all teachers and employees called convocation. It's like a district-wide pep rally for the new year. The fine arts departments perform, ie. dance/drill team, band, choir, etc. Teachers are honored or recognized by students, and tears are spilled. It's adorable. And the superintendent gives a speech. Every school yells and cheers whenever their school is mentioned. It's also a big deal to have cute staff shirts for each school. (T-shirts mean a lot to teachers for some reason!) Well, one year, Ron Clark came and spoke to the entire staff of my district! It was fantastic. He was lively, funny, personable, and so engaging. I want him to be MY teacher!

Now, I am recommending his book, The End of Molasses Classes. It's an enjoyable read with practical ideas to get your students, and parents, engaged in their learning. Not just for one class, but for life! The book is written in a casual tone as if Ron Clark is sitting down with you having a conversation about his experiences. It's fun and inspiring! I already have 4 ideas for songs I want to write for my firsties!!!

Book Release:

Here's a quick video of Ron Clark giving a few ideas from his book: The End of Molasses Classes.

I love what Ron Clark has done for students, parents, and teachers across the country! Probably world-wide! If everyone had the spirit and passion for creating life long self-learners, our country would not be in such dire straits educationally! Thank you Ron for all you do, and for inspiring me. :) Visit the Ron Clark Academy website, and follow them on twitter: @ronclarkacademy

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