Monday, July 16, 2012

Starting the New Year with Community Building

You have probably heard of the story or the poem, The Crayon Box That Talked. It's a cute story about a box of crayons that don't get along because of their color. Then, the crayons work together, with the help of a child, to create a beautiful picture, and suddenly the crayons all appreciate each other for their unique contribution. GREAT message to start off your year with a sense of community and appreciation for each others' differences.
The book is adorable, and I read it every year, but this year, I cannot wait to show my kids this animation as well...

THE CRAYON BOX THAT TALKED from tim webb on Vimeo.

After we read the story, and this year watch this video, then I give each child a piece of poster board in the shape of a puzzle piece. I write their names on the poster board pieces before I cut the pieces apart to make sure all names are facing the right direction. The kids then illustrate the pieces however they want. I encourage them to tell something about themselves with their piece, either drawing favorite hobbies, or people, or places, or just using their favorite colors. I decorate my own puzzle piece as well, and I leave a few pieces blank for new students that come throughout the year. Then, we all meet back at the carpet, and they work together to put our class puzzle together. Then we look at it and admire the different colors and designs and the fact that no piece is the same as another, but when they come together, they are beautiful!!! I leave a big puzzle piece blank in the middle for a class picture and the words "We Fit Together." This hangs up in our room or right outside our door for the entire year. :) Such a great concrete way to demonstrate appreciating differences!

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