Saturday, October 1, 2011

Online Conference Sign-up

Every year, after the first 9 weeks grading period, we schedule parent-teacher conferences with every child's parents to go over the first report card.  It's always somewhat of a paperwork mess sending notes back and forth between the parents to schedule these conferences. 

Click here to go to SignUp Genius's website

This year, I tried something new!  I LOVE it!  SignUp Genius is a way to create an online sign-up schedule.  You can email the parents in your class an invite to view your event. They click on the time they want to sign up for, and enter their email address.  It'll show up on the scheduling page for all parents to see which time slots are taken and which ones are still available.  Then, you can schedule the website to email the parents a reminder before the event.  All for my favorite price... FREE! :)

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